Net Fishing

Recreational Gillnetting at Musselroe Bay

Net Types

No licence is required to use: If you have the appropriate licence you can also use: Follow the links to the what gear can I use section for specifications of these net types.


  • Graball nets (including flounder nets) and mullet nets are types of gillnets (see diagram).
  • You must have a licence to use them and can only be licensed to use one graball and one mullet net.
  • Gillnets may not be set at night, other than graball nets set in Macquarie Harbour. Night is defined as between one hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise.
  • Gillnets may be set for up to 6 hours, except in Shark Refuge Areas where they may only be set for up to 2 hours.
  • No more than three gillnets may be carried on, or used from a boat.
  • Gillnets must be weighted to prevent drift.
  • Must be marked according to recreational net marking specifications.
  • Information on how to measure net mesh.

More Information

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