Bait Restrictions

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe​It is an offence to use any part of the following species for bait:
  • rock lobster;
  • abalone; and
  • any species listed as protected, including limpets.
Only the heads and frames of the following highly valued fish species may be used for baiting rock lobster pots and rings, unless you have a receipt for purchasing the fish.
  • bastard or striped trumpeter;
  • banded morwong;
  • boarfish;
  • tuna other than skipjack;
  • trout; and
  • school, gummy, blue and mako shark;
  • yellowtail kingfish.
If a fish is under the legal minimum size it must be returned to the water even if it no longer alive when landed.  It is illegal to use undersized fish for bait.

Recreational Baitfish Species

There is a bag limit of 50 and a possession limit of 100 bait fish (combined) including anchovies, sardines, sprats and hardyheads, unless you have a receipt. There is no minimum size for bait fish species.

Baitfish Invertebrates

There is a bag limit of 50 and a possession limit of 100 bait invertebrates (combined) including soldier crabs, marine worms and burrowing shrimp. There is no minimum size for bait invertebrates.


For information on the whitebait fishery contact the Inland Fisheries Service on (03) 6165 3080.

Imported Bait - Be Biosecure

Only buy bait from locally supplied sources. Bringing dead or live bait to Tasmania is prohibited in most instances. Bait originating from other states or countries may contain pests and diseases that do not occur in Tasmania. Call Biosecurity Tasmania on 03 6165 3777 for more information.

If you catch your own bait, try to source it from the same area where you fish. Moving fish including frames, offal and shells, between locations can spread diseases and marine pests.

Animal Bait and Berley

Mammal flesh, blood or offal other than pellets cannot be used as berley.​ Only native animals that have been lawfully taken (eg. by licensed shooters) can be used for bait. Road kill may not be used. Phone DPIPWE's Nature Conservation Branch Game Management Officer on (03) 6777 2084 for more information. 

Bait Nets

Read more about bait nets and bait pumps their specifications. Sort your catch quickly and release unwanted fish in good condition.


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
Recreational Fisheries Section
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Hobart TAS 7001
Phone: 03 6165 3233, 1300 720 647

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