Rock Lobster Area Management

Rock Lobster Regions

Tasmania is divided into Eastern and Western Rock Lobster Fishing Regions and catch limits apply. See the map below.

Eastern Region: includes all State fishing waters and islands eastward of Point Sorell and Whale Head (southern most point). This region includes the East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone (ECSRZ) which are waters between Eddystone Point and Tasman Head on Bruny Island.

Western Region: includes all State fishing waters and islands westward of Point Sorell and Whale Head.

(Note: The line separating the Regions applies to State waters.  It does not extend through mainland Tasmania.)

A separate bag and possession limit applies in Northern Bass Strait for all waters north of a line of latitude 39°33' (including both the Eastern and Western regions), however the boat limit for each Region still applies (see diagram below). This area is north of King and Flinders Islands and includes the Kent Hogan Group and Deal Island. The catch limits are lower here to reduce compliance risks in state waters in close proximity to Victoria.

Rock lobster regions

Rock lobster regions

East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone

The East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone is the area between Eddystone Point and Tasman Head on Bruny Island.  See maps below for boundary information.

DEntrecasteaux Channel East Coast Stock Rebuilding Boundary

D'Entrecasteaux Channel - ECSRZ boundary

Eddystone Point ECSRZ Boundary

Eddystone Point - ECSRZ Boundary

The ECSRZ boundary line at Eddystone Point is through the Eddystone Point Lighthouse at 40° 59' 35" S. The Eddystone Point boat ramp is outside the ECSRZ.

Read more about the East Coast Stock Rebuilding Zone.

Transiting Closed Areas

Read about Transiting Biotoxin Regions in the Eastern Region.

See also Transiting during a Closed Season.


Area Restrictions

There are restrictions on the taking of rock lobster in marine nature reserves and fishery research areas.  For more information and maps, see the Marine Reserves and Fisheries Research Areas pages on this website. Specific No Rock Lobster Pot areas are listed below.

No Rock Lobster Pot Areas

The use of rock lobster pots is prohibited in the areas listed below.  Rock lobster rings can be used in these areas.

D'Entrecasteaux Channel

The southern boundary is a line from Scotts Pt to the northern tip of Partridge island and then from the southern tip of Partridge Island south to Labillardiere Peninsula on Bruny Island and a northern boundary being a line from Dennes Pt to Piersons Pt.

River Derwent

The River Derwent upstream from an imaginary straight line drawn from Dennes Point to Cape Direction. No rock lobster potting areas D'Entrecasteaux Channel and River Derwent













Georges Bay

West of the line of longitude of the end at the training wall situated at the entrance to Georges Bay.

No rock lobster pot areas Georges Bay

King Island

Waters within 300 metres from the Blow Hole on the Eastern side of King Island.No rock lobster pot area - King Island


No Rock Lobster Ring Areas

Rock lobster rings may be used in all waters apart from some Marine Reserves and Fisheries Research Areas.


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