Crab Fishing

Fish illustration by Peter Gouldthorpe

Giant Crabs

Giant crabs are a deep water species of crab, which are occasionally caught by recreational fishers. There are seasons, size and possession limits and gear, bait and area restrictions for catching giant crab.

If you want to recreationally fish for giant crabs, the following rules apply:
  • A recreational rock lobster pot licence is required to fish for giant crabs.
  • You can only fish for giant crab during the recreational rock lobster season.
  • Female giant crabs that are in berry (with eggs) cannot be kept.
  • A bag limit of 1 giant crab and possession limit of 1 giant crab applies.
  • Males - 150mm; Females - 140mm (measure from front to back of carapace).

Inshore and Other Crabs

Inshore crabs includes all crabs other than giant crabs and soldier crabs.
  • There is no minimum size for inshore crabs
  • A bag limit of 15 and possession limit of 30 applies inshore crabs.
  • Female crabs in berry (with eggs) cannot be kept;
  • Specialised crab traps cannot be used; and
  • One bait trap can be used to catch crabs but it must be within the specified dimensions. The use of bait traps is prohibited in some waters, check the net and line area restrictions.
  • If you are using soldier crabs as bait see the bait restrictions page.
lllustration by Peter Gouldthorpe


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