Troubleshooting - Fishing Licence Sales

Details not authenticated

If you receive an error message "Your details could not be authenticated", it means your details are not matching those on our database, including:

  1. the given name and family name not entered into their right fields;
  2. the licence number has been entered incorrectly.  The number is made up of two letter and four numbers (ie AE1050) - make sure you do not confuse "zeros" and the letter "O" and do not include the gear code; and/or
  3. a typing error

If you still aren't able to progress your application, contact Recreational Fishing on (03) 6165 3233 during business hours, as there may be errors on our database which can be corrected on the spot.  Avoid applying for a new licence as you will be issued with a new licence number and any gear markers/buoys will require updating before use.

Address validation - post office addresses

Addresses are validated when you apply for your licence.  If using a residential address, the system will retrieve address options for you to select.  If you're using a post office address (ie c/- Post Office or P O Box) the system can't validate it and you'll be advised no matching addresses could be found then asked to re-enter the postal address.

When this happens, re-enter your postal address then tick in the box at the bottom of the page "Accept address as entered (bypass validation)".  Then you will be able to progress through your application.


Recreational Fishing Enquiries
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