COVID-19 Recreational Fishing Information

​​​​​How far can I travel to fish?

You must return to your primary place of residence the same day you depart to go fishing.  Staying at shacks or camping is not permitted.

Restrictions on where recreational boaters may launch from are in place.

If you own a boat, you will be restricted to launching within the municipality within which your primary residential address is listed for the purposes of the stay at home restrictions.

This link will take you to a LISTmap layer showing boat ramps in local government areas​​. Zoom in to see boat ramps in your municipality​.​ This map is also available on the Interactive Map of Recreational Fishing Zones​ page.

Can I go camping as part of my recreational fishing activity?

No, you must return to your primary residence the same day. See the Parks and Wildlife website for more information about activities in parks and reserves.​


How many people can I go fishing with?

If boating with another person, ensure you maintain physical distancing (at least 1.5 metres) and allow four square metres per person, with a maximum group size of 10 people. Allowances are made for the supervision of children or similar needs that may require closer contact. 

Use hand sanitiser where there is contact with shared surfaces.​

If you are boating alone, ensure you tell someone where you are going, wear a kill switch cord and a life jacket. See MAST's boat safety guidance​ in relation to occupancy limits on vessels of certain sizes.

What procedures should I put in place when I go fishing?

You should first consider if fishing is essential.

Anglers should maintain personal hygiene practices such as washing hands or using an alcohol-based hand sanitiser, coughing or sneezing into a tissue, or flexed elbow if a tissue is not available, and staying at least 1.5 metres apart.

Avoid stopping at places such as retail or hospitality outlets and public toilets on the way to and from the fishing location if possible.​


​Recreational scallop season

Tasmania's recreational scallop season will remain closed as part of broader measures to protect Tasmanians during the current COVID-19 situation. ​

The season was originally scheduled to open on​ 4 April 2020.

As the recreational scallop season can see thousands of fishers travelling to the East Coast, this decision is to prevent non-essential travel.

Read the full DPIPWE M​edia Release.


What will happen about my 2020 recreational scallop licence?

DPIPWE is working through the implications of the closure for recreational licence holders.​​

DPIPWE will work with the Recreational Fisheries Advisory Committee (RecFAC) and the Tasmanian Association for Recreational Fishing (TARFish) on late season options should the COVID-19 situation allow for this.

If a scallop season does not occur before 1 November 2020 (the new recreational fishing licence year) then DPIPWE will consider ways to roll over scallop licences for the 2020/2021 year.


Eastern Region rock lobster fishery

The Eastern Region recreational rock lobster fishery is scheduled to close on 30 April 2020, with the Western Region to close on 31 August.

Rock lobster fishers should follow travel and social distancing advice.


What about inland fishing?

For more information relating to inland fishing visit the Inland Fisheries website.

Stay home to save lives

COVID-19 is presenting challenges in many areas.  Please be extra safe so you do not add to the resource challenges. 

The Tasmanian Government has a clear position that Tasmanians should stay home to save lives. There are essential circumstances under which people may leave their home, and any recreational activity needs to adhere to these strict rules.

The COVID-19 situation is changing daily, please check the Tasmanian Government coronavirus website.



Activities for children

Children spending more time at home during the COVID-19 situation may enjoy colouring in Tasmanian fish images. Download 13 different species including flathead, mako shark, King George whiting, octopus and weedy seadragon.


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