Size Limits

Minimum size limits are set to allow all fish the opportunity to breed at least once before they can be kept by fishers. Return all undersized fish to the water. It is an offence to possess undersize fish even if they are no longer alive.

SpeciesSize Limit
AbaloneVaries by species and area - see Abalone Fishing
Boarfish, Longsnout
45 cm
Bream 25 cm
Flathead, Sand and Tiger
32 cm
Flathead, Bluespotted and Rock
40 cm (only 1 over 60 cm)
​25 cm
Garfish25 cm
Kingfish, Yellowtail
​45 cm
20 cm
Morwong, Banded
Between 36 - 46 cm
Morwong, Jackass25 cm
Mullet 25 cm
Rock Lobster
North West Zone: females 120mm, males 110mm
Other Waters: females 105mm, males 110mm
​Salmo​n, Australian
​20 cm
Shark (school and gummy)75 cm whole or 45 cm headed & tailed
Scallops - Commercial and Queen100 mm - see Scallop Fishing 
Scallops - Doughboy80 mm - see Scallop Fishing 
30 cm
Trevally, Silver
20 cm
Trumpeter, Bastard
​38 cm
Trumpeter, Striped
55 cm
​25 cm
​Whiting, King George
​35 cm
Wrasse (all species)30 cm


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