Bag and Possession Limits - Scalefish

​​​​Catch limits appear in the table below as a combined total for all species in a fish group.

Scalefish bag limits A - M

Fish GroupBag LimitPossession LimitBoat Limit
​Bait species (combined, including anchovy, sardine, sprats, hardyheads)​50​100​-
​Bait invertebrates (combined, including soldier crabs, marine worms and burrowing shrimp)
​Bream (in marine waters)5​​10​-
Bearded rock cod
​​Flathead Sand and Tiger (combined)
Sand flathead
Tiger flathead
​Flathead, Bluespotted and Rock (combined)
Bluespotted flathead
Rock flathead
​5 (only 1 over 60cm)​10​-
Flounder Greenback flounder
​Groper, Blue
Gurnard and Ocean PerchCommon gurnard perch
​Kingfish, Yellowtail​5​10​-
Leatherjacket ​10​20​-
Mackerel and RedbaitJack Mackerel
Morwong, Banded (season applies)
​Morwong, Jackass and OtherJackass Morwong

Scalefish bag limits N - Z

Fish GroupBag LimitPossession LimitBoat Limit
​Pike, Longfin​15​30​-
​Salmon, Atlantic (in marine waters)​12​24​-
Salmon, Australian​15​30-​
Shark - School and Gummy shark combined Gummy shark
​2​2*see shark boat limit​
​Shark, Mako and Blue​1​2​2
Sharks and Rays - other combined excluding elephantfish ​2​4 *see shark boat limit​
*​Shark Boat Limit (all shark species combined)
All shark species - the dorsal and pectoral fins must remain attached until they are landed. See the shark finning diagram.
Squid - Goulds​15​30​-
Squid - Southern Calamari​10​20​-
​Swordfish, Broadbill​1​1​2
​Trevalla, Blue-eye​5​10​25
Trevally, Silver​10​20​-
Trumpeter, Bastard​5​10​-
Trumpeter, Striped (season applies) Striped trumpeter must be landed whole with head and tail attached or as fillets with the frames.​4​8​20
Tuna (Bluefin, Yellowfin, Bigeye)Southern bluefin tuna
​2​2​4 (only 2 over 1.5m)
Tuna, Albacore​5​10​-
Tuna, Skipjack​10​20​-
​Velvet Fish, Red​2​4​-
​WarehouBlue warehou
​Whiting, King George​5​10​-
​Whiting, OtherSchool whiting
Wrasse male and female  
Scalefish not listed above, other than protected species​5​10​-

Cleaning fish at sea

You can clean fish at sea although special rules apply for striped trumpeter and shark - see above.  For fish that have been filleted, two fillets are deemed to be the equivalent of one fish. 


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