Bag and Possession Limits - Other Species

​​​​​NOTE: New abalone and rock lobster rules came into effect from 1 November 2019. See rock lobster and abalone review pages.

​​​Crustaceans and MolluscsDaily Bag LimitPossession Limit
Abalon​e - Eastern Region5 abalone
10 abalone
(*Boat limit Eastern Region - 25 abalone*)
Abalone​ - Western Region
​10 abalone
10 abalone
(*No boat limit for Western Region*)​
Abalone (non-licence holder) N/A
​On land: 2 abalone
On state waters: 0 abalone
Child under 10: 0 abalone
Rock Lobster - Eastern Region​2 lobster
4 lobster
(*Boat limit Eastern Region - 10 lobster*)
Rock Lobster - Western Reg​ion
​5 lobster
10 lobster
(*Boat limit Western Region - 25 lobster*)
Rock Lobster - Mainland Tasmania, islands in the Western Region, Flinders, Cape Barren and Bruny Islands including homes and vehicles
N/A​10 lobster
Rock Lobster - Northern Bass Strait (waters north of line of latitude 39°33)
​2 lobster
4 lobster
(*Boat limit Northern Bass Strait - 10 lobster*)
Special Rock Lobster Licence (Western Region only)​5 lobster
15 lobster
Rock Lobster (non-licence holder) N/AOn land: 2 lobster
On state waters: 0 lobster
Child under 10: 0 lobster
Prawns (species combined) ​50​ prawns
100 prawns​
Scallops - species combined (on water possession limit of 50)​50 scallops
100 scallops
Scallops (non-licence holder) N/A100 scallops
Sea Urchins no limitno limit
Squid - Southern Calamari 1020
Squid - Goulds (arrow)1530
​5 octopus
​10 octopus
Giant Crab1 giant crab1 giant crab
Inshore crabs (all crabs other than giant crabs and soldier crabs)
Bait invertebrates (soldier crabs, burrowing shrimp, marine worms)

SeeShellfish bag limits page for clams, cockles, pipis, mussels, oysters, wedge shells, periwinkles and other shellfish.


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