Bag and Possession Limits - Other Species

​Crustaceans and MolluscsDaily Bag LimitPossession Limit
Abalone 10 abalone20 abalone
Abalone (non-licence holder)N/A
5 abalone
Rock Lobster - Eastern Region​2 lobster
4 lobster
(*Boat limit Eastern Region - 10 lobster*)
Rock Lobster - Western Reg​ion
​5 lobster
10 lobster
(*Boat limit Western Region - 25 lobster*)
Rock Lobster - Mainland Tasmania, islands in the Western Region, Flinders, Cape Barren and Bruny Islands including homes and vehicles
N/A​10 lobster
Rock Lobster - northern Bass Strait (waters north of line of latitude 39°33)
(Boat limit applies for whichever region you are in)
​2 lobster
4 lobster
Special Rock Lobster Licence (Western Region only)​5 lobster
15 lobster
Rock Lobster (non-licence holder)N/A0 lobster on State waters, 2 lobster on land
Prawns (species combined) ​50​ prawns
100 prawns​
Scallops - species combined (on water possession limit of 50)​50 scallops
100 scallops
Scallops (non-licence holder)N/A100 scallops
Sea Urchinsno limitno limit
Squid - Southern Calamari 1020
Squid - Goulds (arrow)1530
​5 octopus
​10 octopus
Giant Crab1 giant crab1 giant crab
Inshore crabs (all crabs other than giant crabs and soldier crabs)
Bait invertebrates (soldier crabs, burrowing shrimp, marine worms)
Clams/ cockles/ pipis (combined)​100 clams/cockles/pipis
​no limit
Mussels​100 mussels
​no limit
Wedge shells​200 wedge shells
​no limit
Periwinkles (turbo undulatus)​​100 periwinkles
​no limit
Pacific oysters​no limit
​no limit
Native oysters​50 oysters
​no limit
Other shellfish (combined species not mentioned above)​20 other shellfish
​no limit


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