Interactive Map of Recreational Fishing Zones

​Recreational fishing is permitted in most Tasmanian waters. Some restrictions apply and these are shown as hatched areas on the map below. Seasonal closures may apply. Rules and restrictions may apply in estuaries and rivers, reserves and research areas, sensitive habitats and marine farm lease areas.

Zoom into an area, then click to display the restrictions. You can also open the map in its own window.

Tip:  Use the Search Box to find features such as rivers, beaches and islands.  You can also use the Tas Fish Guide phone app while out on the water. 



 Guide to using the map

  • Zoom function – use the Scroll at the top LHS of the map or use your mouse wheel.
  • Click the restriction zone (hatched areas) to display the information for the zone.
  • Map may be repositioned (panned) on the screen by clicking and dragging
  • Locate position – click to locate your current position or centre map
  • Map of Tassie icon – shows all of Tasmania
  • Click on the Basemaps to change between topographic views to Google Satellite views.
  • Select Tools and zoom in or out function to use the Marquee Select tool for zooming.
  • Search on town or geographical name to zoom in to a desired area
  • Add other layers eg. Abalone recreational size limits.


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