Abalone Area Management

​​Abalone Regions 

Tasmania is divided into Eastern and Western Abalone Fishing Regions and regional catch limits apply. See the map below. 

Eastern Region: includes all State fishing waters and island eastward of Point Sorell and Whale Head (southern most point). 

Western Region: includes all State fishing water and island westward of Point Sorell and Whale Head. 

(Note: The line separating the Regions applies to State waters. It does not extent through mainland Tasmania.)​

Abalone Fishing Regions

​Transiting Areas 

​Fishers transiting from west to east must comply with Eastern Region bag limits before passing Whale Head or Port Sorell. 

​Area Restrictions 

​For information and maps about abalone reserves an​​d research areas, see the Marine Reserves and Fisheries Research Areas​ pages on this website. 

​Abalone Biosecurity Area 

​​​​Northern Bass Strait Waters 

​You can take abalone within 50 metres of the shore of any island in Borthern Bass Strait Waters but abalone cannot be taken or possessed elsewhere in the area. This restriction aims to limit the risks associated with the spread of Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis (AVG). 

Recreationally caught abalone cannot be on board any vessels other than commercial trading vessels in the Northen Bass Strait Waters area unless within 50 metres of the shore of any land. ​

Northern Bass Strait Waters 


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