Recreational Fishing

Tasmanians fish recreationally for a range of saltwater species such as flathead, salmon, bream, tuna and rock lobster using gear including rods, nets and pots.

A fact sheet has been developed offering a summary of new initiatives for recreational fisheries:

In this Topic

  • Recreational Sea Fishing Licences
    Buy your fishing licence online. Find out what types of fishing you need a recreational licence for in Tasmania.
  • Recreational Fishing Seasons
    Open and closed seasons for recreational fisheries including rock lobster (crayfish), squid, scallops, striped trumpeter and banded morwong.
  • Catch Limits
    Size, bag and possession limits for recreational fish species including scalefish, shark, crustacean, mollusc, shellfish and other species.
  • Area Restrictions
    Area restrictions may apply in reserves and research areas, sheltered and inland waters and sensitive habitats.
  • Rock Lobster and Crab
    Licences, gear restrictions, area restrictions, size, bag and possession limits apply for rock lobster (crayfish).
  • Scalefish
    Rules relating to recreational scalefish and shark fishing including area, gear, size and possession limits.
  • Abalone Fishing
    Licences, area restrictions, size, bag and possessions limits apply.
  • Scallop Fishing
    Information on recreational scallop licence, season dates, bag limits and area restrictions in Tasmania.
  • Other Fisheries
    Other popular recreational fisheries including oysters, mussels, clams, seaweed collecting, shell collection and home aquariums.
  • Aboriginal Fishing
    Information on Aboriginal cultural fishing and gear marking in Tasmania.


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