Marine Links Education Kit

Cover image of Marine Links Education FolderMarine Links is a marine and fisheries education resource kit for use by teachers in Tasmanian primary and secondary schools. The kit has been developed to align with school curriculums and contains practical marine teaching aids and information.

What's in the Kit?

The kit contains a wide range of hands-on marine teaching material including:
  • marine textbooks
  • fish display posters
  • pamphlets, maps, fisheries awareness brochures
  • a set of model fishing gear including lobster pots/rings, nets and setlines
  • moulds of recreational fish species
  • classroom exercises (suitable for Grades 5-8)
The Marine Links Kit contains an education folder focusing on curriculum areas for Grades 5-8 students. The teaching units include: marine and coastal habitats, marine life, sustainable fisheries, marine reserves and human influences. You can download the education folder below.

Marine Links - guide and gaugesMarine Links gear contentsMarine Links posters

Teachers will gain the maximum benefit from the Marine Links Kit by working in partnership with experienced Fishcare Volunteers.  The Marine Links Kit is available to borrow from Fishcare Coordinators or the Woodbridge​ Marine Discovery Centre​. The components of the kit can be borrowed by teachers to use independently or in conjunction with the Fishcare Schools Program.

Download the Marine Links Education Folder

Download the Marine Links education folder information and exercises here (suitable for Grades 5-8).

Introduction and Kit Contents
Unit 1 - Marine and Coastal Habitats
Unit 2 - Marine Life
Unit 3 - Sustainable Fisheries
Unit 4 - Marine Reserves
Unit 5 - Human Influences
Marine Links Education Folder - complete edition (5.14 MB)

Also available is a brochure on fisheries education resources for Tasmanian schools including an introduction to the Fishcare Schools Program and lesson guides followed by Fishcare Volunteers when supporting teachers using the Marine Links Kit. Fishcare Tasmania logo

Marine Links Fishcare Volunteer Lesson Guides
Marine Education Resources for Schools Brochure


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