Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry

​​​​​​​​​​​W​hat​​ does the Plan do?

The Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry details the Government's vision and priorities for the industry and provides the community with surety on the way forward. The Plan was finalised in December 2017.

The Plan is a high-level document which includes a number of actions, organised under three headings:
  • Maintaining public confidence in the salmon industry
  • Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the industry’s environmental regulation, and the effectiveness of its biosecurity systems
  • Supporting industry growth

​It also includes a map that indicates where salmon farming currently occurs, may occur in future, and is proposed to be banned. 

​The Plan and the associated map are available below:

  Sustainable industry growth plan for the salmon industry   (2Mb)​​

  Map of proposed grow and no grow zones for finfish in Tasmania   (270Kb)​

​One Yea​r ​​Review​​​

The One Year Review of the Salmon Plan was completed in January 2019. 

The Review provides key information on work to date and outlines the initiatives that will be delivered in the coming year to support environmentally responsible, sustainable growth. Increased compliance and monitoring activities and a zero tolerance approach to marine debris are among the key achievements to date under the Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the salmon industry.  

​Both Government and industry are continuing with a range of work to underpin responsible, environmentally sustainable industry growth with a focus on biosecurity and further transparency.​

  Sustainable industry growth plan for the salmon industry - One year review   (6Mb)

Benchmarking of environmental monitoring and regulation​​​

The Tasmanian Government has developed a Tasmanian Salmon Industry Scorecard​ which benchmarks the State's environmental monitoring regime against international regulatory practices for salmon aquaculture.


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