Norfolk Bay Permit Assessment

A permit has been provided under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 (LMRMA) for Huon Aquaculture to temporarily hold and harvest salmon in Norfolk Bay. The permit expires on 31 December 2018.

An environmental licence from the Environment Protection Authority is required before fish can be moved onto the permit site.
Subject to provision of an environmental licence, the permit allows Huon Aquaculture to deploy and stock two salmon harvest pens.

Huon Aquaculture applied for the permit as harvesting cannot be safely undertaken at the Storm Bay site where the fish have been grown. Huon Aquaculture will transport fish from its Storm Bay lease via a well boat to the Norfolk Bay site for harvesting. 

The permit identifies the specific area in Norfolk Bay where all equipment must be contained, how the area may be used and reporting requirements in relation to use of area, management of equipment and operations and site decommissioning. 
All marine farming equipment, including mooring systems will be removed once the fish have been harvested and must be removed prior to the permit’s expiry on 31 December 2018.      

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