Storm Bay North Marine Farming Development Plan

​​​​​Petuna Pty Ltd (Petuna) has received approval to prepare a draft Marine Farming Development Plan (MFDP) for an area of Storm Bay. The draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017 and accompanying environmental impact statement (EIS) closed for public comment on 9 February 2018 after a two month consultation period.

Wh​​​at is proposed?​​

The draft MFDP proposes to:
  • Establish a MFDP area located approximately 5 kms south of Betsey Island.
  • Provide a marine farming zone of approximately 430 ha with a maximum leasable area of 273 ha.
  • Implement management controls that are coordinated with adjacent MFDP areas.

Nex​t step

The Planning Authority is now in the process of going through all of the representations received during the consultation period.  The Planning Authority will prepare a report for the Marine Farming Review Panel (the Panel) that will contain a copy of each representation, as well as any recommendation(s) regarding the need for any modification to the draft Plan in light of these representations.

The Panel will then consider this report (and draft Plan), and will then make their own recommendation to the Minister after holding hearings, as requested by those who made a representation during the consultation period.

Public exhibition documents​

  Cover Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (368Kb)

  Draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (2Mb)

  EIS to accompany draft Storm Bay North MFDP November 2017   (12Mb)

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