Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry

​​​​​The Government has now issued the final version  of the Sustainable Industry Growth Plan, having considered the feedback it received through the seven-week public consultation period that closed on 29 Septem​​ber 2017.  

W​hat​​ does the Plan pr​​opose?

The Sustainable Industry Growth Plan for the Salmon Industry details the Government's vision and priorities for the industry and provides the community with surety on the way forward.

The Plan is a high level document, although as a result of the public consultation (see below) it has been amended to include further explanations of relevant detail on the planning and approval process. It includes a number of actions, organised under three headings:
  • Maintaining public confidence in the salmon industry
  • Improving the efficiency, effectiveness and transparency of the industry’s environmental regulation, and the effectiveness of its biosecurity systems
  • Supporting industry growth

​It also includes a map that indicates where salmon farming currently occurs, may occur in future, and is proposed to be banned. 

The Plan and the associated map are available below:

  Sustainable industry growth plan for the salmon industry   (2Mb)​​

  Map of proposed grow and no grow zones for finfish in Tasmania   (270Kb)​

​The proposed finfish zones also are available as a new layer on LISTmap​

Public ​​consultation results 

The Draft Plan was released for comment from 10 August to 29 September 2017. 

An online form generated 69 responses; 61 of these included comments, as well as responses on a 5-point scale in relation to the draft Plan’s 17 actions. In addition, 28 separate submissions were received. 

All the comments provided with the online forms (many anonymous), and all the separate submissions, are provided below. 

The Government considered the feedback received and made a significant number of improvements to the final Plan as a result. The feedback is summarised in the Consultation Report, which includes lists of those providing feedback. The key part of the report is a table indicating and explaining the Government's responses to the main points arising from the feedback. ​

  Salmon Plan - online form comments   (896Kb)​

  Salmon Plan - written submissions   (25Mb)​

  Salmon Plan - Consultation Report   (264Kb)​


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