Community Resources

​Revenue from the sale of recreational sea fishing licences pays for the management of recreational fishing and supports community programs. 

These programs improve fisheries management so all Tasmanians get the most benefit from our fishing resources.​

In this Topic

  • Fishcare Tasmania
    The Fishcare Tasmania program promotes responsible recreational fishing. Find out how to become a Fishcare volunteer.
  • Fishwatch - Report Illegal Fishing
    Report illegal fishing by phoning 0427 655 557.
  • Fisheries Forums
    Recreational fisheries forums are held around the state periodically to inform the public about fisheries management issues.
  • Fish Facts
    Biology and habitat information about a number of important fish species targeted around Tasmania.
  • Fishwise Fund
    The Fishwise Fund program is your licence fees at work. It provides funding for small projects from individuals and community groups.
  • Cooking Fish
    Seafood recipes, cooking tips and advice for fishers about whether Tasmanian fish and shellfish is safe to eat.