2011 Commercial Scallop Season

The White Rock scallop bed was opened for the 2011 commercial scallop season with a TAC of 2552 tonnes. Unfortunately, a pre-season survey determined that the bed was dying off providing little prospect of landing commercial quantities of scallops from this open area.

In light of this die-off, scallop permits were provided to applying vessels to survey State waters with the ability to retain up to 15 tonnes of scallops to help off-set costs. Eleven vessels were issued permits.

Vessels did not locate any significant new scallop beds that justified an opening. A total of 103.3 tonnes was landed for the 2011 season.


Landed Catch by Month - 2011 Quota Year

Quota Year 2011
TAC - 2552t
Landed Catch (tonnes)
% of Total Allowable Catch taken
June 201120.20.8
July 201169.42.7
August 201112.30.5
September 20110
October 20110
November 20110
December 20111.40.05


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