2008 Commercial Scallop Season

Updated open area for 2008 commercial scallop season.Information from 15 October: The Scallop FAC met in early September to review arrangements for the remainder of the 2008 Scallop season. The Scallop FAC considered data from recent industry based surveys which indicated a bed of scallops just north of the current Bicheno open area is suitable for harvest. The Scallop FAC has recommended an adjustment be made to the current Bicheno open area, with the northern boundary to be moved 10km further north.

The new area opened on Wednesday 15 October when a public notice was published in the Gazette and major newspapers advising of the opening.

Coordinates for new open area:
        1. latitude 41 41' 40" S, longitude 148 15' E
        2. latitude 41 41' 40" S, longitude 14830' 01" E
        3. latitude 41o 36' 16.24"S, longitude 148o 30' 01"E
        4. latitude 41o 36' 16.24"S, longitude 148o 15' E

Information from 13 August: The Tasmanian commercial scallop season opened on Wednesday 13 August 2008 and closed at midnight Monday 22 December 2008.

Two areas where considered suitable for opening this year, one off Bicheno from Piccaninny Point to Cape Tourville and another in Marion Bay between Cape Peron and Cape Frederick Hendrick. Fishers should be aware that the two open areas contain scallop dredge prohibited areas which also include all waters less than 20m deep. The link below provides a map and coordinates of the open area and the scallop dredge prohibited areas. The Tasmanian Scallop Fishermans Association has advised that it will not be introducing voluntary industry zoning of the gazetted open areas as has occurred in past seasons.

Pre-season scallop surveys found the two open areas contain low densities of large scallops in good condition. The two open areas have been fished a number of times since 2003 and the scallops available for harvest are residual scallops from previous seasons with recent surveys finding no evidence of recruitment to these beds. The information gathered from surveys indicates that there were only a limited number of areas that meet the minimum biological criteria for opening. The Minister has approved a scallop quota unit value of 400kg for this season setting the Total Allowable catch for the fishery at 4253.2 tonnes, though fishers should be aware it is highly unlikely the TAC will be taken from the open areas.

Scallop vessel KarminSorting scallops on Karmin 

The survey has identified two other areas which may be considered for opening, one in Banks Strait and a second off Eddystone Point. These areas meet the minimum biological requirements for opening however at the time of the survey were observed to be in poor condition. The Scallop Fishery Advisory Committee (Scallop FAC) identified a need to continue to monitor these beds in anticipation that scallop condition may improve as the season progresses. The survey also identified significant beds of juvenile scallops off Babel Island and around White Rock, based on their current size these beds will be suitable for harvest in 2010.

The season will start significantly later than recent seasons, largely due to the lack of information on the availability of scallop beds for this season and the below average outlook for the season reduced the incentive for fishers to participate in surveys. Recognising that for the success of the spatial management regime information on current scallop beds is essential, with the cooperation of the TSFA a package of incentives was developed which included a cash grant and scallop research quota which was distributed to those who participated in surveys. In deciding to open the scallop season, the Department and Scallop FAC recognise the importance of maintaining market access and the presence of Tasmanian scallops in the market whilst ensuring scallop processing capacity is maintained.

Use the indicative map depicts the gazetted open areas and scallop dredge prohibited areas:
  2008 Commercial Scallop Season Open Area   (319Kb)

Information from 8 July: Three scallop-fishing vessels completed a wide spread survey of scallop stocks on the east and north east coast of Tasmania. The Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute analysed the results of the survey and summarised them in the following:

  2008 Pre-Season Scallop Survey Data Summary   (674Kb)

The Scallop Fisheries Advisory Committee (ScFAC) met on 1 July to consider the results of the survey. The FAC has provided the Minister, for his consideration, advice concerning the 2008 scallop season.

Industry participants will be advised once the final arrangements for the 2008 season have been determined.

Landed Catch by Month- 2008 Quota Year  

Quota year 2008 TAC 4253.2 tonnes plus research quota
Total Caught (t)
% of Total Allowable Catch Taken
August 2008
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
December 2008


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