Rock Lobster Closed Areas

​​​​Areas where rock lobster fishing can't take place at any time include marine reserves (both State and Commonwealth), reserach areas and no potting areas. These are listed below with links provided to maps.  

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Rock Lobster Closed Areas

Marine Reserves 

​State Marin​e Reserves 

​​​In Tasmania, seven Marine Nature Reserves have been declared in State waters:

  1. Maria Island
  2. Tinderbox
  3. Ninepin Point
  4. Governor Island
  5. Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour
  6. the Kent Group and 
  7. sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island

All are protected areas where generally rock lobster fishing is prohibited however some marine reserves have areas where restricted recreational and commercial fishing is allowed. See below for details of each of the reserves .  

Kent Group M​​arine Nature Reserve 
  • Setting of rock lobster pots is allowed in the restricted fishing zone in the eastern half of the reserve ​​​
  • See a  map and more information
Governor ​​Island Marine Nature Reserve 
Maria Island Marine ​​Nature Reserve 
  • Setting of rock lobster pots is allowed in the restricted fishing zone in the northern portion of the reserve east of Cape Boullanger 
  • ​See a map and more information
Tinderbox ​​Marine Nature Reserve
Ninepin Point Mar​​ine Nature Reserve
​Port Davey/ Bathurs​t Harbour Marine Nature Reserve ​

Commonwealth Ma​​​rine Reserves 

The only Commonwealth Marine Reserve that impacts rock lobster fishers is the ​​Marine National Park Zone of the Tasman Fracture Commonwealth Marine Reserve, where rock lobster pots can't be set in the green zone adjacent to the Mewstone Rock.  See a map and more information.

No Potting Areas​

​The use of rock lobster pots is prohibited in the areas listed below, however recreational us of rock lobster rings and diving is allowed:

D'Entrecasteaux Channel
  • ​Includes the Ninepin Point Marine Reserves and a part of the Tinderbox Marine Reserve
  • See a map and more information
River Derwent
Georges Bay
King Island

Research Areas

​Fisheries research areas may have restrictions that prohibit rock lobster fishing, below are links to research areas that prohibit the taking of rock lobster.

Elephant R​​ock Lobster Research Area
North Bay R​​ock Lobster Research Area
​​Taroona W​​aters Research Area


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