North East Catch Cap

The catch cap for the 2019/20 quota year commencing on 1 March 2019 for the North East Catch Cap Area has been set at 100 tonnes.

The North East Catch Cap area has now closed (as of 1 January 2020).

The North East Catch Cap area encompasses waters east of Point Sorell around to St Helens Point, including the Furneaux Group of Islands. See the map below for details of the exact boundary lines.

Below is a table of cumulative catches from the North East Catch-Cap area for the 2019/20 season. This page will be updated with catch figures from the catch cap area monthly and then from November will be updated weekly.

See also catch taken in the North East Catch Cap Area from past season.

Cumulative Catch from North East Catch Cap Area​ 2019/20

​Quota year 2019/20
Catch Cap 100 tonnes​
​Total Tonnes
Total Uncaught​ ​% of Catch Cap Taken
​March 2019
​April 20199.4379.279.43
​May 20191.2178.06


​June 20195.1472.925.14
​July 201915.1657.7615.16
​August 201914.6843.0814.68
​September 20197.61
​October 20190.1535.320.15
​November 201911.5623.7611.56
​December 201930.22
​January 20202.42-8.882.42
​February 2020

 Finalised catch from North East Catch Cap Area

​Click image below for an updated graphical representation of catch from the North East Catch Cap Area.

Catch North East Catch Cap Area December 11 2019 

Map of North East Catch Cap Area

A map of the North East Catch Cap area


The North East Catch Cap area was established for the 2017/18 quota year as part of a two-year trial.  At the end of the trial the performance of the catch cap area will be reviewed and a decision regarding future of the North East Catch Cap will be made. 

The North East Catch Cap area was established at the request of rock lobster fishers based in the north east of the State to enable them to make operational decisions based on the amount of quota left to catch in their own area of operation.  The establishment of the North East Catch Cap area will allow the area to be open to rock lobster fishing during September and allow fishing to continue should the East Coast Catch Cap be reached and the area closed, provided the North East Catch Cap has not been reached first.  The catch cap will be set at a level to rebuild rock lobster stocks in the region.


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