East Coast Catch Cap

Rec Fishing Certificate Card 2013-14The catch cap for the 2018/19 quota year for the East Coast Catch-Cap Area has been set at 119 tonnes. 

When 114 tonnes has been landed (5 tonnes remaining to be caught) fishers will be given five days notice that the catch cap area will close. Fishers will be notified of the date of closure by text message, email and message broadcast by Tas Maritime Radio during their daily skeds.

Below is a table of cumulative catches from the East Coast Catch Cap area for the 2018/19 season.  This page will be updated with catch figures from the catch cap area monthly and then from November will be updated weekly.

Cumulative Catch from East Coast Catch Cap Area​ 2018/19

​Quota year 2018/19
Catch Cap 119 tonnes​
​Total Tonnes
Total Uncaught​ ​% of Catch Cap Taken
​March 2018
​April 201814.2962.2912.01
​May 20180.6861.610.57
​June 201810.1951.428.56
​July 201818.7232.7015.73
​August 2018*3.9028.803.28
​September 2018
​October 2018
​November 2018
​December 2018
​January 2019

February 2019
​TOTAL 90.2028.875.80

*Catch as of dockets received 10 August

Total landings from the East Coast Catch-Cap area up to the same period during 2017/18 season was 62.4 tonnes.

See also catch taken in the East Coast Catch Cap Area during past seasons.


Map of East Coast Rock Lobster Catch-Cap Area

East Coast Catch-Cap Area 


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Crustaceans)
Hilary Revill
1 Franklin Wharf
Phone: 03 6165 3036
Email: hilary.revill@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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