East Coast Catch Cap


​The East Coast Catch Cap of 119 tonnes has been reached.

The area from Eddystone Point, line of latitude 40° 59’ 35” south to Tasman Head, line of latitude 43° 30’ 58 south, the East Coast Stock Rebuilding Area, including the East Coast Catch Cap Area, is closed from Saturday 29 December 2018. 

This area will reopen for fishing on 1 March 2019





Below is a table of cumulative catches from the East Coast Catch Cap Area for the 2018/19 season.  This page will be updated with catch figures from the catch cap area monthly and then from November will be updated weekly.

Cumulative Catch from East Coast Catch Cap Area​ 2018/19

​Quota year 2018/19
Catch Cap 119 tonnes​
​Total Tonnes
Total Uncaught​ ​% of Catch Cap Taken
​March 2018
​April 201812.9063.2310.84
​May 20180.6862.550.57
​June 201810.3952.168.73
​July 201819.3132.8516.23
​August 201813.9218.9311.70
​September 2018Closed
​October 2018Closed
​November 2018Closed
​December 201823.00-4.0719.33
​January 2019*

February 2019

*Catch as of dockets received 8 January.

See also catch taken in the East Coast Catch Cap Area during past seasons.


Map of East Coast Rock Lobster Catch-Cap Area

East Coast Catch-Cap Area 


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Crustaceans)
Hilary Revill
1 Franklin Wharf
Phone: 03 6165 3036
Email: hilary.revill@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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