What we're doing to make life easier

​​​​​​We have identified ways to streamline and simplify processes affecting the commercial fishing industry. It is our aim to make life easier for you. Some changes are already in place, and some will take time to implement, but be assured that things are moving – and quite quickly too.

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Our vision

To streamline and simplify the way that the commercial fishing industry interacts with DPIPWE. This includes performing licence related transactions, and providing catch and effort information.

Recognising the issues

DPIPWE recognises that commercial fishing is a complex business. There are some mandatory tasks that must be performed to meet legislative and regulatory requirements, but these haven’t always been implemented in the most efficient way. We are working to change that.

What are we doing about it?

In 2018 a full review was undertaken of every business process performed by the Licensing and Administration Branch.  We looked at all aspects including 

  • form design 
  • data requirements
  • the way information is provided
  • the legislation which dictates how we do things

Stakeholder engagement

While some changes are obvious, quick and easy to make, others require careful consideration and input from various perspectives. There will be regular engagement with key commercial fishing bodies as these topics are addressed.​

How do you​ find out what’s changed?

Check out the Making Life Easier s​​tatus page to catch up on the latest developments. It will be updated regularly as improvements are approved and implemented. There will also be regular updates in the TSIC newsletter. 


At the end of this process interactions between the fishing industry and DPIPWE will be 

  • easier
  • quicker
  • more efficient

All changes are part of the Fisheries Digital Transition Project – where we are developing digital platforms for licensing and reporting.


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