Commercial Dive Fishery

​​​​​​A number of different species are collected by the commercial dive fishery; the major species being sea urchin and periwinkles. 

The commercial dive fishery also provides access to some developing fisheries such as clams and other fisheries based on exotic species, notably introduced Pacific oysters and the Japanese kelp undaria. 

Visit the legislation website for the most recent Fisheries (Commercial Dive) Rules 2011.  

In this Topic

  • Commercial Dive Policy Documents
    Includes the updated Commercial Dive Policy Documents which are used to manage the operations of the commercial dive fishery in conjunction with the management plan.
  • Dive Zones
    The commercial dive fishery is divided into five zones around the state.
  • Sea Urchin Fishery
    Includes fisheries for the short spined purple sea urchin and the introduced long spined sea urchin.


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