Review of Abalone Dive Rates

​​​The Tasmanian wild harvest abalone fishery for Blacklip (H. rubra) and Greenlip (H. laevigata) produces 25% of the total ​annual global production of wild caught abalone (DPIWE, 2000). Abalone is harvested by divers who are paid a $/kilo rate.  

Concerns about the pay awarded to divers and deckhands, and working conditions in the abalone industry, have been raised in the Parliament of Tasmania. This current review of the dive rate was initiated by the Minister for Primary Industries, the Honourable Jeremy Rockliff MP, and conducted for the Tasmanian Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) in response.

The report resulting from the review, is now available.

The original report was revised in July 2017 with a correction to pre-2000 western zone catches shown in Figure 2.

  Review of Tasmanian Abalone Dive Rates - revised   (3Mb)