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Abalone Total Allowable Catch

Each year the abalone Total Allowable Catch, known as the TAC, must be set for the next quota year - which is aligned to the calendar year.

An allowable catch needs to be set for each zone in the fishery, which together comprises the total allowable catch.  Each of the 3,500 quota units then provides access to the same amount of abalone in each zone, and the fishery as a whole.

That is, the TAC set for a year is divided by 3,500 to determine the amount each quota unit provides for that year.  As the TAC changes, the quota units are amended each year correspondingly.

The breakdown of the total allowable catch (TAC) among parts of the Tasmanian abalone fishery for 2020 is as follows:

2020 TAC kgs2020 TAC kgs/unit
Bass Strait Blacklip91,00026
Eastern Blacklip220,50063
Northern Blacklip73,50021
Western Blacklip549,500157

An abalone operational information paper, updated for 2020, is available from the Licensing and Fisheries Monitoring Section of DPIPWE on the 1st floor of the Marine Board Building or contact the email address below.

  2020 Abalone Operational Information   (1Mb)


An explanation of the commercial rules relating to the fishery is contained in this paper.

Further information

Licensing and Fisheries Monitoring Section (03) 6165 3000
Wild Fisheries Management Branch (03) 6165 3033
Department switchboard: 1300 368 550 (local call cost)
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