Commercial Abalone Fishing Biosecurity Measures

​​The outbreaks of Abalone Viral Ganglioneuritis around 2011 and its subsequent spread across western Victoria has highlighted the importance of cleaning and hygiene in reducing the spread of aquatic diseases.

Subsequent risk assessments identified a number of activities in the wild capture and processing sector as requiring mitigation.

The Department encourages ALL DIVERS to adopt the protocols below as a part of their daily routine when fishing.



Catch bags that have come into contact with abalone and other gear such as gloves.  Ab irons, knives and measuring devices should be soaked in a fish bin containing soapy freshwater for 30 minutes and then rinsed.

Wetsuits should be washed with a specialised wetsuit wash preparation and freshwater, but if they are not readily available a mild liquid soap or shampoo will do just as well (get into a warm shower and soap down in your wetsuit).

Fisheries Biosecurity: Abalone Wild Harvest Protocol 1: Cleaning and Disinfection
Fisheries Biosecurity: Abalone Wild Harvest Advice 3: Dealing with Suspected Diseased Abalone
Fisheries Biosecurity: Fishing Sector Advice 2: Clean and Responsible Fishing Activites
Fisheries Biosecurity: Abalone Processor Advice 2: Dealing with Suspected Diseased Abalone
Wild Harvest Sector Code of Practice


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Abalone)
Matt Bradshaw
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street
GPO Box 44
Phone: 03 6165 3033

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