Abalone Fishery Catch Updates

​Commercial abalone catch data are reported annually in the Fishery Assessment Report produced by the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies (IMAS). IMAS does not routinely report on catch data within an existing quota year.

Intra-annual management instruments such as block caps will be supported by Marine Resources by making available data so that operators can plan their activities during the quota year. Data such as catch-by-zone are also useful to operators.

Marine Resources will make available commercial abalone catch data within an existing quota year ON REQUEST in the forms of catch-by-zone and regarding block caps. Please make your request known to:


Principal Fisheries Management Officer (Dive Fisheries)
Matt Bradshaw
Level 3, 134 Macquarie Street
GPO Box 44
Phone: 0457 097 534
Email: matt.bradshaw@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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