Commercial Fishing

​​​​​​The Department manages Tasmania's valuable commercial fisheries such as southern rock lobster and abalone under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995 .  

Dear Fisheries clients and partners - please note that our offices will be closed on 10 and 11 December while the Wild Fisheries and Licensing Branches of DPIPWE  relocate from the Marine Board Building to the Lands Building at 134 Macquarie St, Hobart. Front Desk services will be resume from Level One of the Lands Building from 0830 on Monday 14 December, 2020. Please ring 6165 3000 or email if you have any queries about the move or the new office.

In this Topic

  • COVID-19 Fisheries Assistance
    Fisheries licence fee relief will be provided for 12 months as part of a package to tackle the impact of COVID-19.
  • Commercial Fishing Licences and Seasons
    Information on licence applications and open and closed seasons for commercial fisheries in Tasmania.
  • Abalone Fishery
    The Tasmanian abalone industry is a major contributor to the Tasmanian economy.
  • Commercial Dive Fishery
    Information on the commercial dive fishery including sea urchins and periwinkles.
  • Giant Crab Fishery
    The giant crab fishery is a comparatively small commercial fishery which is managed by individual transferable quotas.
  • Rock Lobster Fishery
    The commercial rock lobster fishery has been an important component of the State's fishing industry for more than 150 years.
  • Scalefish Fishery
    The scalefish fishery is a multi-species, multi-gear fishery that is predominantly made up of small owner-operated businesses.
  • Mackerel Fishery
    The Tasmanian Mackerel Fishery is governed under the Fisheries (Mackerel) Rules 2019. Purse seining is the method of capture in State waters. No board trawling of any kind is permitted in any State waters.
  • Scallop Fishery
    The Tasmanian scallop fishery is primarily based on the harvest of the commercial scallop.
  • Seaweed Fishery
    The main components of this fishery are the collection of cast bull kelp and harvesting of the introduced Undaria.
  • Shellfish Fishery
    The commercial shellfish fishery includes clams, cockles, mussels and oysters.
  • Permit Activities
    Information on fishing permit activities that are otherwise prohibited under the Living Marine Resources Management Act 1995.


Wild Fisheries Management Branch
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GPO Box 44
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Phone: 03 6165 3000, 1300 368 550

Fisheries Compliance and Licensing Branch
Level 1, 134 Macquarie Street
GPO Box 44
Phone: (03) 6165 3000, 1300 368 550