Current Appeals

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Details of current and recently finalised appeals are provided below. Written Reasons for Decision are published on the Decisions page of this website. ​​

Curr​​ent Ap​​peals

​Appeal Hearing Date​
​Outcome     ​

​Against the decision of Stewards on 7 February 2021 - suspension for 1 Tasmanian race meeting - charged under AR 131 (a) - careless ​​riding.
Stay of Proceedings Granted.
​9 April 2021
​Appeal against conviction dismissed. Penalty varied to a reprimand.
​KELLY, Gavin
Against the decision of Stewards on 29 December 2020 - disobeying stewards direction, charged under AHRR 238 - fine of $1,000 ($750 wholly suspended for 12 months)
Appeal against conviction and penalty.​​

​Appeal Withdrawn
​​Against the decision of Stewards on 10 December 2020 - ​Highland Chief stood down for 28 days, charged under GAR 69(1).
Appeal against conviction and penalty.
Stay of Proceedings Granted.
17 February 2021
Appeal Dismissed​
Against the decision of Stewards on 10 June 2020  - presenting Blame it on Me with a prohibited substance - charged under AHRR 190 (1)(2)&(4). Disqualification of Blame it on Me from subject race. Invoking of suspended fine of $1000 for a previous breach of the same rule (under the provisions of AHRR 256(c)) 
3 March 2021

Decision Reserved

Finali​sed App​​eals​

FORD, Scott
Against the decision of the Director of Racing on 10 November 2020 not to grant a Driver C Licence for 2020-21 season9 December 2020Dismissed
Against the decision of Stewards on 21 October 2020 - presenting Tessie with a prohibited substance (Arsenic) to the Devonport Racing Club meeting on 26 July 2020. Fine of $2,500. Appeal against penalty.​
21 January 2021
The appeal against penalty was upheld and the Board ordered that Ms Gaffney be reprimanded.
​​​YOLE, Mark
​Against the decision of Stewards on 25 January 2021 - suspension for 6 race dates, charged under AHRR 163 (1)(a)(iii)
Appeal against penalty only​

​4 February 2021
​Appeal Dismissed


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