Registration and Licensing - Harness Racing

‚ÄčThere are many types of licences available within the Harness racing industry. Each type of licence applied for requires differing levels of experience and information for attainment. To ensure that applicants are fully aware of the requirements of any intended category of License, application forms are not available electronically but will be forwarded to interested persons upon enquiry. This way only appropriate and up to date information is provided to prospective licencees. If you have any queries about any Registration or Licensing matter please contact the Office of Racing Integrity.

Application for Licence Requirements 

Before applying for a Harness licence please review the following document: 

  Harness - Application for Licence Requirements 2019-20 Season   (868Kb)

  Harness Medical Examination Report Form   (856Kb)


Fees and Charges

    Harness - Fees and Charges 2019-2020   (575Kb)

Licence Forms

Application forms for all licences and licence upgrades can be made by emailing Office of Racing Integrity.

Change of Address 


Syndicate Forms 

  Application to Register a Syndicate   (251Kb)

  Deletion of a Syndicate Member   (134Kb)

  Addition of a Syndicate Member   (217Kb)

  Register a Business Name as a Syndicate   (141Kb)


Registration Forms

  Registration of Racing Colours   (207Kb)

  Application to Name a Horse   (558Kb)

  Transfer of Ownership   (690Kb)

  Lease Application   (786Kb)

  Lease Cancellation   (104Kb)

  Lease Extension   (6Kb)

  GST/EFT Forms - Driver, Trainer or Individual Owner   (538Kb)

  GST/EFT Forms - Entity (Group) Owners   (540Kb)

  Duplicate Horse Registration Certificate   (25Kb)

  Notification of Intention to use a Trust Name   (59Kb)

  Gelding Notification   (117Kb)      

Notification of Deregistration/Death

  HARNESS RACING - Microchipping commencing 1 September 2017   (252Kb)


Racing Related Forms 

  Relinquish Training of a Horse   (515Kb)

  Gear Amendment Form   (185Kb)

  Claiming Race Nomination Authority Form   (514Kb)

  Claiming Form   (501Kb)

  Stable Return & Gear Form   (256Kb)

  Fax Acceptance Form   (380Kb)

  Administration Treatment Log Book   (218Kb)



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