Concession Drivers

​Licensed drivers are entitled to a Concession in Tasmania for a period of 7 years from the issue of a licence to drive in races or 250 winning drives whichever comes first.  A horse driven by a Claiming Concession Driver is entitled to a reduction of five (5) rating points where the driver has 0 - 100 wins and three (3) rating points where the driver has 101 - 250 wins unless otherwise stipulated in race conditions.

The details shown below are current as at 6 November 2019


​Name​Concession Expiry Date​Career Wins Total​Ratings Points Allowance
​Charlie CASTLES​08/11/2024​7​5
​Matthew COOPER​03/10/202124​5
​Conor CROOK​28/10/202362​5
​Lachlan DAKIN​02/03/20259​5
​Taylor FORD​14/04/202168​5
​Andrew FREEMAN​21/12/2025​1​5
​Samantha GANGELL​02/10/202254​5
​Kimberley GRANT​27/02/20214​5
​Georgia HAYWARD​01/09/2025​0​5
​Matthew HOWLETT​07/11/2019​68​5
​James JAKOWENKO​10/12/2020​13​5
​Gavin KELLY​04/02/2026​3​5
​Troy McDONALD​10/12/2021


​Wade RATTRAY​05/05/2021​32​5
​Lee SIMMONDS​28/01/2021​1​5
​Hannah VANDONGEN​10/08/202344​5
​Clinton WOODS​14/07/2021​0​5


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