Payment of Fines


A fine notification is either presented at the time the fine is issued by stewards, or forwarded by mail. 

Once a fine notification has been issued, under the Rules of Racing ​and unless otherwise determined by the Director of Racing (DOR), payment of the fine is required within:

  • Thoroughbred (LR 21.10) - 14 days of the issue of the fine

  • Harness (AHHR 310) - 28 days of the issue of the fine

  • Greyhound (GAR 96) - 14 days of the date upon notification of the penalty 

Within the specified time period from the issue date on fine notice, you must do one of the following: 

  • pay the fine in full or

  • apply in writing to the DOR to pay the fine by instalments

Failure to pay a fine within the above time periods may result in your name being placed on the Forfeits/Defaulters List by DOR.  

​Once placed on that List, you are considered a disqualified person and subject to the same disabilities and penalties as specified under the Rules of Racing.  Payment of your fine will also attract an administration fee of $30 or 10% of the fine amount whichever is greater.

 Making a payment

Payments may be made by phone, in person or by mail.

  • Phone: (03) 6777 1900​.
    Visa and Mastercard only​

  • In person: Level 2, Henty House
    1 Civic Square Launceston

  • Mail: Office of Racing Integrity
    PO Box 1329, Launceston, 7250


If you unable to pay your fine in full by the due date, or need more time to pay your fine, you must apply in writing to the DOR to pay by instalments by contacting us.​

  • prior to the original due date of your fine payment; and 
  • if a payment schedule is subsequently approved, pay the agreed instalments on time.

Impo​​rtant notes

 A payment schedule will only be approved by the DOR under the following circumstances:

  • the amount of the individual fine imposed is more than $200; and 
  • there are reasonable circumstances that prevent the participant from paying their fine in full by the due date; and
  • the participant has not defaulted on payment of a previous fine; and/or
  • the participant has not defaulted on a previous payment schedule. 

If approved by DOR the amount of each instalment will be based on the following: 

  • total of amount of outstanding fine(s); and 
  • minimum instalments of 20% of the total outstanding amount; and 
  • the participant’s ability to pay.

Where a fine exceeds the specified time period or terms for payment above, you will be issued with an invoice.  Once an invoice has been issued, you are subject to Departmental trading terms and may be referred to the collection agency if no payment is received.

John King

Director of Racing

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