LISTmap and Official Names

LISTmap allows users to identify a road by searching on its official name. The official name is the one by which a feature is commonly known in the public domain, is signposted, and to which a road is addressed.

Other naming conventions do exist in various government agencies, but only the official road name is held as an attribute on the LIST Transport centreline dataset. The Department of State Growth identifies the state government’s road network by their individual ‘proclaimed names’ based on the classification. Because these names are unfamiliar to the general public, these features also can be identified by their official road name.

This is an important consideration when it comes to notices which are brought to the attention of the motoring public, and which may impact on drivers’ safety. The Tasmania Police website hosts the Community Alerts noticeboard and lists those roads affected, for example, by severe weather conditions. Because it is important that the messages are clearly understood and unambiguous, only official road names, which the motoring public can relate to, should be used to describe those roads so affected.

As well as the road name, many of Tasmania’s roads have also been assigned a Route Code number. These are particularly useful to tourists who are unfamiliar with our road names. The search engine within LISTmap also allows users to identify the various A, B and C routes within the state. The correct syntax in the search engine requires firstly the word ‘route’ followed by a space, then the route code, eg:

  • route(space)a7
  • route(space)b68
  • route(space)c407 (it is not case sensitive, but the space is necessary)
  • the search engine will also identify the National Highway 1 by searching on ‘route(space)1’
The following spreadsheet allows LISTmap users to identify the official road names, and route code if assigned, from the Department of State Growth ‘proclaimed names’.

  Department of State Growth Proclaimed Names   (34Kb)


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