Proposed Amendments to the Land Acquisition Act

​​​The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment is currently drafting proposed Amendments to the Land Acquisition Act 1993.  The amendments are designed to streamline the compulsory acquisition process and clarify a number of current ambiguities.

The Land Acquisition Act sets out the method and the process that is to be followed by the Crown, Local Government and Utilities for the acquisition of land from the community for specified purposes.

The Act is an essential legislative tool that enables an acquiring authority to acquire privately-owned land necessary for the construction of new public infrastructure. It also provides the basis for determination of compensation arising from the acquisition of that land. The ability to compulsorily acquire land provides an acquiring authority with a strong degree of certainty that it can obtain the necessary land required for the provision of public infrastructure.

The review commenced in 2016 with stakeholder consultation and the development of the Land Acquisition A​ct 1993 Issues Paper (below) outlining the proposed amendments to the Act. The Issues Paper was distributed in May 2018 to a range of stakeholders and the general public. These organisations and the general public were invited to provide submissions on the proposed amendments in the Issues Paper, together with support or otherwise of the positions proposed. Submissions closed in June 2018 and the Stakeholder and Community Consultation Report and Preferred Position Paper was prepared which summarises the outcomes of the consultation process and provided the Department's preferred position. A copy of this paper is provided below.

  Land Acquisition Act 1993 Issues Paper   (453Kb)

 Land Acquisition Act 1993 Stakeholder and Community Consultation Report and Preferred Position Paper   (464Kb)

The Land Acquisition Amendment Bill 2018 has been drafted in line with the outcomes in the Paper and will be presented to both Houses of Parliament in the 2018/20​19 sitting year.

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