Land Titles Act 1980 Forms

Form NameDescription of Form
AEPApplication for Acquisition of Easement by Possession (Section 138J)
COVInstrument Creating Restrictive Covenants (Section 102)
CRHConsent to Recording of a Highway (Section 112)
DMSApplication to have Mortgage or Encumbrance discharged as statute barred
(section 91)
DRCInstrument Discharging Restrictive Covenants (Section 104)
EXCApplication to Expunge Restrictive Covenants (Section 103)
EXEApplication to Expunge Easements or Profits a Prendre (Section 109)
NOENotice of Objection to Acquisition of an Easement by Possession
(section 138K)
PPInstrument Creating Profit a Prendre (Section 107)
PWCPartial Withdrawal of Caveat (Section 133)
RECApplication for Rectification of Boundaries (Section 142)
RJCRequest to Re-enter Caveat by Judgement Creditor (Section 134(6))
RPDApplication to be Registered Proprietor on Determination or Defeasance of an Estate
(section 100)
RPMApplication to be Registered Proprietor of a Registered Mortgage, Encumbrance of Lease
(by personal representative or by survivorship)
RPPInstrument Releasing Easement
RPR Instrument Releasing Profit a Pendre
S98Application to be registered as proprietor under Section 98 (on death of a registered proprietor testate before 18 October 1935 or intestate before 1 October 1874)
SJTDeclaration of Severance of Joint Tenancy
TMSTransfer of Mortgage by Way of Security
TPSTransfer (by Mortgagee or Encumbrance under Power of Sale)
VPM Instrument Varying Priority of Mortgages or Encumbrances
WRI Application to Record Writ


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