Geospatial Infrastructure & Surveying

​​​​​​The Office of the Surveyor General (as part of the Location Services Branch) develops and implements policy, standards, systems and programs in the areas of cadastral survey, geodetic survey, spatial data and survey-related legislation.

It also provides the Tasmanian Government with a survey consultancy and brokerage service.

In this Topic

  • Cadastral Standards Maintenance
    Provides information on current cadastral survey policy and practice, including background and historical information.
  • Register of Tasmanian Surveyors
    The Surveyors Act 2002 provides for the registration of Tasmanian Surveyors.
  • Directions and Circulars
    Survey Directions pursuant to the Surveyors Act 2002 and to Circular Memoranda issued by the Surveyor General.
  • Surveying Services
    Services provided to government and the surveying community.
  • Geodetic Survey
    The Geospatial Infrastructure Branch is responsible for the development and maintenance of the State's geospatial infrastructure.
  • Central Plan Register
    The Register is the repository for plans prepared for any statutory purpose, other than plans prepared for the purposes of the Land Titles Act (1980).
  • History of Surveyors General of Tasmania
    A pictorial honour board of Surveyors General of Tasmania from 1825 to the present day.


Office of the Surveyor General
134 Macquarie Street
Phone: 03 6165 4444