Accessing and Obtaining Aerial Photography

​​Access to Photography

In the past, if you wanted to look at the aerial photography covering Tasmania, it was only possible by viewing the hard copy photographic prints held by the Department in the Lands Building in Hobart. However technology is now making online viewing possible.

The Department has now completed a project of converting the hard copy photos to digital imagery (see History of Aerial Photography) both to preserve the films and to create a spatial index for the photography  - thereby enabling online viewing of aerial photography and subsequent purchase.

The Aerial Photo Viewer allows anyone to search the aerial photograph database and identify possible aerial photographs covering their area of interest. As photography is digitised, a low resolution image of the photograph is created and this image helps users select the correct photograph/s. 

Currently the air photo database is still being finalised, however images between 1969 and 2012 can be searched for, viewed and requested using this web application.

At this stage, indexes for photographs prior to 1969 are yet to be completed so if these are required, an enquiry to is the best option.

Obtaining Aerial Photography

Aerial photography held by the department can be obtained in a couple of ways.

  • If you have used the Aerial Photo Viewer to locate the photograph you require you can order the photo through the associated online cart.


If using the email address please ensure you provide a way of allowing identification of your area of interest. This can be done by providing coordinates, a PID number, a street address, or a Certificate of Title number.

Also include contact details so you can be contacted to clarify or confirm details of your request.

Orthoimagery (rectified and georeferenced photography) is also available for some photos however due to the processing required these are generally only created by request. ​​

Please note that aerial photography is only available in digital form. We no longer provide hard copy prints or enlargements.


Each individual photo frame in digital form will cost $49.50 (includes $4.50 GST).

Each individual orthophoto frame in digital form will cost $132 (includes $12 GST).

Extracts from the statewide ortho mosaic (0.5 metre pixel) are $1.50 per km2 with a minimum cost of $110 (includes $10 GST).

Delivery can be by free direct download from our web delivery site, or we can provide, by post, a copy on DVD for $22 (includes $2 GST).

For larger areas or high resolution digital orthoimagery please contact us via the email address below.

Government and education users are asked to contact us through the email and provide details of their requirements.


Aerial photograph of Launceston taken in 2014.


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