Weeds Index - Non-Declared Weeds

Use the weeds index to find information on non-declared agricultural and environmental weeds in Tasmania, including images for identification and control guides plus information sheets and management plans (where available).

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  • Weeds Index - Full List of Non-declared Weeds
    Weeds Index - Non-declared Agricultural and Environmental Weeds in Tasmania.
  • Capeweed
    Capeweed is a troublesome pasture, crop and garden weed in Tasmania.
  • Cumbungi (Bullrush)
    Cumbungi is a troublesome weed of farm dams, creeks, ponds and slow moving rivers in Tasmania.
  • Dock
    There are nine species of dock in Tasmania, including several native species. Three docks are significant pasture weeds in Tasmania: Curled Dock (Rumex crispus), Broad-leaved Dock (Rumex obtusifolius), and Fiddle Dock (Rumex pulcher).
  • Dodder - Images
    Dodder - Images
  • Glyceria
    The leaves of glyceria are shiny, hairless and mid-green in colour, and grow 30-60 cm above the water surface. The leaves end in an abrupt point and the edges are rough to touch as the finger is drawn from tip down to the base.
  • Paspalum
    Paspalum is a troublesome weed of garden lawns, roadsides, orchards and similar areas.
  • Rope Twitch (or English Couch Grass)
    Rope twitch is an erect, perennial (long lived) grass with numerous rhizomes (underground-stems).
  • Spear Thistle
    Spear thistle is a pasture weed found in all parts of Tasmania.
  • Sweet Briar
    Sweet Briar is a troublesome weed of pasture.
  • Variegated Thistle
    Variegated thistle is a pasture and crop weed.