New Zealand Sedge Control Guide

Spread of New Zealand sedges

New Zealand sedge

  • Spread of New Zealand sedge is by seed and via rhizomes (underground stems).
  • Spread can occur during road works, slashing and track construction and maintenance.
  • Distribution as an ornamental is also significant, although it is not sold regularly in Tasmania, it is occasionally reported in the nursery trade.

Physical removal

  • Isolated plants can be removed by hand pulling or digging.
  • Ensure that all rhizome material is removed to avoid spreading rhizome fragments. Any seed head material should be bagged and removed.
  • Avoid slashing New Zealand sedges as this can spread seed and worsen an infestation.

Chemical control

  • For information on chemical control options for New Zealand sedges contact your Regional Weed Management Officer on 1300 368 550.
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