Mediterranean Daisy Control Guide

Mediterranean daisy flowers

Spread of Mediterranean daisy

  • Mediterranean daisy spreads by seed. The light seeds can be blown many kilometers in the wind.
  • Seed can also be spread in contaminated soil on machinery and vehicles.
  • Colonies of Mediterranean daisy can also spread in area without seed via new shoots forming from lateral roots.

Physical removal

  • Individual plants can be dug out, but great care must be taken to remove all of the root system.
  • Physical removal may reduce the numbers of Mediterranean daisy but is not sufficient to eradicate an infestation from an area.


  • Do not use fire to control Mediterranean daisy as burning seems to promote the weed by removing competition and stimulating re-sprouting from the rootstock

Chemical control

  • Under an off-label permit issued by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), there are herbicides registered for the control of Mediterranean daisy in Tasmania. See Herbicides for Mediterranean Daisy Control for more information.

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