Information for Visitors to Fire Affected Areas

‚Äč‚ÄčThis page provides specific information for livestock and fodder donors, sellers and carriers, contractors, volunteers and other visitors of areas affected by fire.

Livestock and fodder donors, sellers and carriers

Buying in feed and stock are high risk activities that can introduce weeds.

Fodder will often contain viable weed seeds. Most of these will not be from Declared Weeds, but the farm they are going to may be clean of these plants. So tell the landholder what the risk is.

Remember too, that it is an offence to transport anything containing viable material of a declared weed such as ragwort, Paterson's curse or serrated tussock.

Transporting, stock, hay or grain stockfeed

  • Keep a record of the origin of stock and fodder you are transporting.
  • Inform landholders and relief organisations you are supplying of the origin of the stock or fodder and any known weed risk.
  • Advise landholders to quarantine new stock for up to 14 days, allowing time for viable seed to pass through the animal.
  • Check for weed seed in fleece/ tails prior to leaving the point of origin.
  • Where possible, purchase shorn sheep.
  • Vehicles should be clean before pick up and cleaned down after deliveries.
  • Vehicle cleaning should occur in a designated area to prevent weed dispersal and contain new infestations for easier management.
  • Keep an eye on local roadsides and delivery points for 12 months afterwards, to detect new weed infestations.

Volunteers, contractors and other visitors

  • Your help provided to landholders in need is really appreciated.
  • Be careful, though not to bring weeds from your property with you and not to take new ones home!
  • Check the condition of your vehicle, clothing, boots and equipment before you leave home and clean any that are dirty.
  • At the fire site consider if your vehicle needs to come onto the property, or could you leave it on the road?
  • If you have to drive on, identify somewhere that your vehicle can be safely cleaned/ washed down.
  • Find out if the property you are volunteering on has declared weeds and if so make sure all clothing and equipment are clean when you leave.

For weed management advice in your area:

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