Councils and Cat Management Facilities

The Cat Management Act 2009 establishes cat management facilities as a key community resource to manage unwanted and stray cats. A cat management facility is:
  • a council facility with capacity to handle and hold cats
  • facility operated by the RSPCA Tasmania or the Hobart Cat Centre Inc.
Stray cats may be taken to cat management facilities where, if the animal is microchipped and the owner able to be located, the cat may be returned to its owner. If after notifying the owner, or if the owner cannot be found, the cat is not reclaimed within a specified period, the cat management facility may re-home, offer for sale or humanely destroy the animal. Stray cats may not be returned to their owners if they are not desexed or microchipped. Owners of cats may be liable for any costs relating to the care and treatment of the cat.

Cat management facilities may also receive surrendered cats from owners or from people controlling cats on their private land.

Councils may:
  • introduce by-laws requiring the registration of cats within their municipal area. Check with your local Council on their requirements
  • declare 'prohibited areas' by public notice for land within their authority that allows for humane destruction, trapping and seizure of cats found within that area. Declarations will be made via a notice in a daily newspaper.
  • declare 'cat management areas' by public notice for specified areas where specified control activities may be undertaken for a nominated period. Declarations will be made via a notice in a daily newspaper.



RSPCA Launceston
63 Remount Rd,
Mowbray 7248
Ph 6332 8282

RSPCA Hobart
553 Pass Rd,
Mornington 7018
Ph 6244 3033

RSPCA Devonport
108 Tarleton Rd,
Spreyton 7310
Ph 6427 2566

Hobart Cat Centre
12 Selfs Pt Rd New Town 7005
Ph 6278 2111

Contact your local Council for facilities that may be managed locally