Decision of Secretary on Wild Duck Hunting in Reserves and on Crown Land

​​The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) has undertaken the annual monitoring of wild duck species and preliminary results are available.

DPIPWE undertakes monitoring of the harvested wild duck species annually using standard counts on a series of wetlands and by collecting harvest data. The methodology and approach used this year is consistent with previous years counts for more than three decades.

The survey indicates that duck numbers are at levels within the range seen in recent years and as a result of increased rainfall, ducks are well-dispersed across Tasmania and therefore not vulnerable to over-harvesting.

On this basis, I have accepted the advice of Game Services Tasmania that hunting wild duck should be permitted in the following Reserves and other Crown Land: 
  • Moulting Lagoon Game Reserve (excluding the area known as “The Sanctuary”)
  • Lake Tiberias Game Reserve
  • Farm Cove Game Reserve
  • North East River Game Reserve
  • Waterhouse Conservation Area (Big Waterhouse Lake and Blackmans Lagoon only)
  • Cameron Regional Reserve (excluding the Boobyalla and Foster Marshes area)
  • Brushy Lagoon Conservation Area
  • unallocated Crown Land at Lake Crescent and Lake Sorell
A statement of reasons for my decision is available below:

  Statement of reasons for duck hunting in reserves 2021   (2Mb)

More information about hunting wild duck in Tasmania is available on the Game Species pages​, or the Game Hunting Requirements​ page.​ 

To apply for a licence please see the information on the Recreational Game Licences page​.

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