Cultural Burning Grants Program

*** Applications to the Cultural Burning Grants Program closed 12 noon 10 May 2021. ***

Aboriginal cultural burning practices, undertaken for tens of thousands of years, have helped shape the Tasmanian landscape we know today. 

The Tasmanian Government has established a pilot grants program to support Tasmanian Aboriginal communities to engage in cultural burning practices and capacity building.

The Program has a total funding pool of $100,000. Funding of up to $10,000 per grant application is available and an organisation may apply for multiple grants.​

Grant funds can be used for 
  • planning and undertaking cultural burns and associated land management activities
  • equipment and resources to support cultural burning or 
  • the training of staff to build capacity in cultural burning.

The application process consists of a single round of project applications.

Eligible proposals will be assessed against a series of merit criteria. 

​The Tasmanian State Government reserves the right to make decisions on which projects are successful based on the merit criteria and the funding requirements of the project as part of a competitive process.

Further information​​

All enquiries about the funding program, the grant guidelines, and requests for clarification or additional information, must be directed to the contact officer in the first instance. 

Proponents are encouraged to discuss their proposal with the Aboriginal Burning Project Officer prior to submitting an application:

Phone: 6165 4329​

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