Expert Reference Group

​An Expert Reference Group (ERG) has been formed to advise on the design of the Tasmanian Container Refund Scheme.

The ERG is made up of representatives from:

  • the beverage, retail and hospitality industries
  • the waste and recycling sector
  • environment groups
  • local government, and
  • charities.

​Member Organisations​​​

  • ​Australian Beverages Council 
  • Australian Council of Recycling 
  • Australian Food and Grocery Council 
  • Boomerang Alliance
  • Carlton United Breweries 
  • Cleanaway 
  • Coles 
  • JJ Richards 
  • Lion Co. 
  • Local Government Association of Tasmania 
  • Master Grocers Association Independent Retailers 
  • Charitable Recycling Australia 
  • National Retail Association 
  • Small Business Council Tasmania 
  • Tasmanian Hospitality Association 
  • TOMRA 
  • Veolia 
  • Waste Management & Resource Recovery Association of Australia 
  • Woolworths​ ​
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