Wild Fallow Deer Aerial Survey

​​​​​​​​Wild fallow deer and forester kangaroos will be surveyed across much of eastern Tasmania between 23 September and 3 October 2019. These dates are weather dependent so may change. 

A helicopter will complete the survey by flying along a series of east to west orientated survey lines approximately 10 km apart. It will be travelling at a speed of 50 knots (92 km/h) and flying at 200 feet (61 metres) above ground level. Direct observation using the Mark Recapture Distance Sampling and Distance Sampling techniques, as well as thermal imagery, will be used in this survey.

The deer survey is an opportunity to survey forester kangaroos because most of the forester kangaroo population range occurs within the range of the fallow deer population.

The Department and EcoKnowledge (contractor undertaking the survey) have planned the survey to ensure privacy of dwellings is not compromised and disturbance to livestock is minimised.

Please note: 
  • The survey should not disturb any farm management practices particularly farm stock animals or wildlife 
  • Where possible flying over built up areas, houses and dwellings will be avoided
  • The helicopter pilot and observer will endeavour to take all practical precautions to avoid flying low over horses and other livestock which may cause any undue stress or harm to animals
  • The surveyors and helicopter pilot have extensive experience in undertaking similar surveys throughout Australia
A map of the transect lines can be accessed through LISTmap​.


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