Community Review Committee (Threatened Species)

The establishment of the Community Review Committee (threatened species) is provided for under section 9 of the Threatened Species Protection Act 1995. This legislation also sets out the functions of the Committee which are:
(a)to receive and consider draft recovery plans and listing statements for threatened and/or endangered flora and fauna species
(b)in respect of private land, to assist in, and make recommendations to the Minister on, the preparation of land management plans and land management agreements
(c)to provide for conciliation as may be required in any matter arising from a land management agreement or for the purpose of making any such agreement
(d)to consider the social and economic impact of the implementation of land management agreements
(e)to advise the Minister on the effect of interim protection orders
(f)to consider, and advise on, such other matters as may be referred to it by the Minister.

Members comprise:
(a)a person appointed as chairperson of the Committee (Dr Christine Crawford)
(b)a person nominated by the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (vacant)
(c)an economist (Dr Sarah Jennings)
(d)a person representing rural industry (Ms Belinda Hazel)
(e)a person representing the forest industry (Mr Andrew Plank)
(f)person representing the fishing industry (Mr Sam Ibbott)
(g)two members of the Scientific Advisory Committee nominated by the Scientific Advisory Committee (vacant)
(h)a person nominated by the Local Government Association of Tasmania (Mrs Elizabeth Quinn, Kingborough Council).

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