Conservation Research and Monitoring

​​​​Ongoing conservation research, management and monitoring in Tasmania is critical to protect the Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP). This allows the OBP population to be tracked through time and for the efficacy of management actions to be evaluated.

Current research and monitoring

Current research and monitoring activities of the Orange-bellied Parrot (OBP) Tasmanian Program include:

  • Managing breeding output in the wild OBP population.
  • Managing direct threats to the wild OBP population.
  • Managing the captive breeding program at Taroona, Hobart.
  • Managing the captive and wild meta-population.
  • Undertaking translocations of captive-bred birds.
  • Retaining OBP habitat and managing threats to habitat quality.
  • Monitoring the wild OBP population and OBP habitat.
  • Conducting research essential for future management.
  • Coordinating the implementation and securing of resources to achieve recovery objectives.
  • Communicating effectively with partners, stakeholders and the community.
  • Providing, monitoring and managing supplementary food at breeding locations.
  • Managing the volunteer observer program at Melaleuca.
  • Monitoring bird behaviour and predator presence at Melaleuca.
  • Reporting program activities to the Recovery Team annually.
The OBP Tasmanian Program collaborates with other government agencies, research groups and universities on projects that contribute to the conservation management of the OBP.


DPIPWE staff preparing nest boxes for Orange-bellied Parrot breeding. Photo: DPIPWE


Orange-bellied Parrots checking out DPIPWE remote camera monitoring equipment on the feed table at Melaleuca. Photo: DPIPWE


A team of dedicated volunteers provide supplementary food to Orange-bellied Parrots, and record the presence of other species (like the Beautiful Firetail) on the feed tables at Melaleuca. Photo: Col Rowe.


Artificial nest boxes are provided at Melaleuca to provide additional nesting opportunities for Orange-bellied Parrots, and to assist with monitoring the OBP population. Photo: DPIPWE


A small number of nest boxes on poles are also being trialled at Melaleuca during the 2015-16 breeding season. Photo: DPIPWE



Orange-bellied Parrot Tasmanian Program
Natural Values Conservation Branch
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